Vinyl Flooring – A Great Choice for Your Home or Business

By John Mandell.  Welcome! You will find lots of information, tips and reviews on vinyl flooring throughout this site. Are your old, dingy floors dragging you down? Is it time for a new look? If you’ve been hesitating about getting new floors because you think it will cost too much, opt for vinyl flooring… With a combination of affordability, durability, and sophistication, it is the perfect solution for your flooring woes! Why choose vinyl flooring?

It offers three big benefits over other types of flooring – price, installation, and durability.

Vinyl flooring prices are among the cheapest in the flooring world.  In fact, they are a mere fraction of what you would pay for other types of flooring – like hardwood, ceramic tile, and stone.

But it’s not all about price.

When it comes to vinyl flooring, installation is a breeze.  That’s because it simply glues to your existing floor or underlayment.  Because it’s so easy to do, installation prices are much lower than other types of flooring.  And, you don’t even have to hire a professional to do it if you don’t want to… Vinyl is a great do-it-yourself project!

And, once your new floor is installed, you can count on it for years.  Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it won’t last!

In fact, the average lifespan is longer than you might think.  You can count on your vinyl to look good for years!  That’s why so many good vinyl flooring manufacturers will offer lifetime warranties on their products – or offer warranties that are good for years and years.

Companies are willing to give great warranties because they know that their product is so durable.  Top manufacturers include: Mannington and Armstrong vinyl flooring.  Unlike other, more expensive types of floors, vinyl flooring is completely waterproof and moisture-resistant.  Because it is glued so securely, moisture cannot make its way underneath it.  That’s why it is such a popular choice in bathrooms and kitchens.

And, if you spill something on vinyl, it’s not the end of the world.  Simply wiping up the mess is good enough.  Can you imagine trying that with your hardwood or marble floors?  You’d wind up with stains and warped areas!

In fact, vinyl flooring handles water so well that you can clean it with a traditional mop and bucket.  When you work with vinyl, you can forget about having to buy expensive cleaners and special polishers!

And, it can handle a lot of foot traffic.  Whether you need a floor that will hold its own against your kids and pets – or a floor that will hold its own against all of the employees in your office building – vinyl flooring is tough stuff.

Vinyl Flooring
The possibilities are endless!

Long gone are the days of boring, cheap-looking vinyl.  That’s because manufacturers have been hard at work for decades trying to come up with new vinyl floor designs and features!

If you’re going for the cheapest project, vinyl sheet flooring is your best bet.  Constructed in giant 6’-12’ rolls, vinyl sheet flooring simply rolls out and adheres to your floor.

But, don’t think that means sacrificing looks for money!

Vinyl sheets can be designed to look like virtually any other high-end floor – from hardwood, to granite, to tile, to marble.  In fact, once it’s installed, no one will ever know that they’re not walking on the real thing!

If you really want to get an authentic ceramic tile look – without the expense of real ceramic tile – go for vinyl floor tiles.  These tiles are so realistic that everyone will think you spent your money on ceramic tile!

And, since they don’t come in giant sheets, vinyl tiles are much easier to install.  In fact, many of them even come pre-glued – meaning that all you have to do is peel of the adhesive backing and stick them wherever they need to go!  They are so easy to install that a beginner can even do it with ease.  By the end of the weekend, you can have a brand new floor! Lowes vinyl tile flooring is a great discount place to buy.

If you want the look of genuine hardwood – without paying through the nose – consider vinyl plank flooring.  It’s vinyl flooring that looks like wood. Vinyl planks are long, narrow strips of vinyl.  Each one is a few inches wide and a foot or two long.  And, since each one is manufactured with a different wood grain, you can use vinyl plank flooring to get an incredibly realistic wood grain vinyl floor.

Just like the tiles, vinyl planks are incredibly easy to install.  Many of the planks come pre-glued; others are designed to snap together.  If you can put a puzzle together, you can handle vinyl plank flooring!

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So, who should you turn to for your vinyl flooring?

There are a handful of great manufacturers out there.  However, Congoleum vinyl flooring seems to continually stand head and shoulders above the rest.  With their new innovations, new designs, and experienced staff, Congoleum is considered to be the best in the industry.  Plus, it also tends to come with the best warranties.  If you want a company that stands behind its products for a lifetime, this is the one to turn to.

Whether you choose vinyl sheets, tiles, or planks or vinyl wood flooring you can get any look you want.  Vinyl flooring comes in practically every color and pattern.  And, some of it is even embossed to give you a texture that feels high-end.  No matter what kind of décor you’re going for, you can get it with vinyl!