Vinyl Flooring Advantages and Disadvantages – What to Know Before You Buy

When it comes to vinyl flooring, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.  That’s why it’s estimated that vinyl makes up 12% of all flooring sales in the U.S.

But, before you have vinyl flooring installed in your home or office, you need know all the facts.

Vinyl Flooring Advantages:

–          It’s affordable

Vinyl flooring is the most affordable flooring out there.  It’s designed to look like high-end flooring, but, in many cases, you can buy it and have it installed for less than $6 or $7 per square foot!

–          It’s easy to install

If you’re looking for a way to save even more money, vinyl flooring is easy for even beginners to install.  If you do go with a professional installation, everything can be done in a couple of hours, depending on how big your room is.

–          It’s moisture-resistant

This is one of vinyl flooring’s biggest advantages.  It can go anywhere – even places that other types of flooring can’t, like your kitchen or bathroom.  Since it doesn’t let moisture seep in, dangerous mold and mildew aren’t an issue.

–          It’s easy to clean

Forget about special cleaner and polishers.  Vinyl flooring only needs an occasional sweeping or vacuum, followed up by a pass-through with a traditional mop and bucket.

–          It’s comfortable

Vinyl flooring has either felt or fiberglass padding underneath it, so that it’s comfortable for you to walk or stand on.  Plus, the vinyl surface itself “gives” a little when pressure is placed on it, so it feels  better on your joints.

–          It’s easy to fit into any décor

Vinyl flooring comes in basically any color, pattern, or texture that you could ever want.  Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated, modern look or a traditional antique look, vinyl flooring can give it to you.

Vinyl Flooring Disadvantages:

–          It can fade

If your vinyl flooring gets exposed to enough sunlight, over time, the patterns can lose some of their luster.

–          It can be tough to repair

Vinyl flooring is awfully durable, but if it ever does rip or tear, it can be tough to fix.  With vinyl tiles, you can just replace the affected tile itself.  With sheet vinyl, however, the situation gets trickier.

–          It can tear under the right circumstances

It takes a lot to tear vinyl flooring, but it can be done.  If, for example, you drag something sharp across it, you can expect to see some tearing when you’re done.