Vinyl Flooring Design Ideas – How You Can Get the Look You Want for Less

Unlike other types of flooring, vinyl flooring can go anywhere in your house.  Because it’s an inexpensive, durable material that resists moisture, you can install vinyl flooring in your bathroom, kitchen, or even in the kids’ rooms.

But with so many colors, textures, and patterns to choose from, how do you find the best vinyl flooring ideas?  After all, the entire design process can seem a little overwhelming.  And, if you pick the wrong floor, you could regret it.

That’s why these ideas are so valuable:

–          Bathroom vinyl flooring ideas:

Vinyl is actually the most popular choice for bathroom flooring because it’s both functional and decorative.

If you want a natural, spa-like bathroom, go for vinyl flooring that looks like stone.  Using beige, tan, or even gray vinyl flooring is very serene and tranquil.  If you want more flashes of color, get them from your linens and paint.

For an elegant bathroom, get vinyl flooring that’s made to look like travertine.  You can accent it with brass fixtures for the ultimate in elegance.

For a more modern bathroom, go with vinyl flooring that’s slightly darker and made to look like granite or marble.  You can combine it with either light or dark walls.

–          Kitchen vinyl flooring ideas:

If you want a kitchen that looks like it should be in the Mediterranean, get vinyl flooring that’s specially-made to look like Mexican tile.

If you want a traditional kitchen, get vinyl flooring that is designed to look like ceramic tile.  By getting a basic earth tone like sand or beige, you can use your floors with any combination of counter finishes, appliances, and paint colors.  As an added benefit, having a traditional kitchen design can increase the value of your entire house!

–          Vinyl flooring ideas for a kid’s room

For a bold look, go for vinyl flooring in brighter colors – like blue or pink.  That way, your floors can play off the theme of the room – like baseball or princesses.

If you want a look that will age right along with the kids, go for vinyl flooring that is made to look like either ceramic tile or hardwood.  That way, even as the colors of the walls and the linens change, you will always have a basic, classy foundation for your kids’ rooms.  And, as an added benefit, it can match the rest of your house!