Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers – Why Working with the Top Ones is So Important

Whether you’re interested in sheet vinyl flooring or tile vinyl flooring, finding the best manufacturer to work with is important.  After all, you want your home to look as great as possible, right?

What makes the vinyl flooring manufacturers you choose so important?

Working with sub-par vinyl flooring manufacturers can lead to sub-par results.  You can either wind up with a product that’s not very durable to begin with, or you can end up with installation work that leaves your vinyl flooring in bad shape.

When it comes to sheet vinyl flooring manufacturers, the cream of the crop is:

–          Armstrong

–          Mannington

–          Congoleum

–          Tarkett

All of these sheet vinyl flooring manufacturers offer the thickest vinyl sheets.  And, that’s a good thing.  The thicker your vinyl sheet flooring is, the more durable it is.

These manufacturers have also perfected the backing for their sheet vinyl flooring.  Their products come with either a felt or fiberglass backing – which adds both comfort and durability.

But these sheet vinyl flooring manufacturers aren’t content to just give you the thickest materials.  They’re always working on ways to make sheet vinyl flooring look more authentic.  After all, sheet vinyl doesn’t always look as good as tile vinyl.

Why do you need the best sheet vinyl flooring manufacturers?

Because they provide the very best installation.  And, when it comes to sheet vinyl flooring, that’s important.  Because vinyl sheets are so big, any damage or imperfections that they get during the installation process can mean having to replace the entire thing.  With vinyl tiles and planks, you can simply remove and replace the one affected piece.

But, what about vinyl tile flooring?

The best vinyl tile flooring manufacturers are:

–          Armstrong

–          Congoleum

–          Amtico

–          Mannington

–          Tarkett

All of these manufacturers produce “luxury vinyl tiles” that offer a great look, great performance, and the latest technology.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring manufacturers design most of their products with earth tones and natural colors.  That way, their tiles can provide the most authentic look.

Plus, luxury vinyl tiles have the latest textures, patterns, and finishes – so that they look just as good as higher end flooring materials, like hardwood, ceramic tile, and stone.

And, as an added benefit, luxury vinyl tiles are very durable.  They can take years of wear and tear and not show it.


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