Vinyl Flooring Types – What You Need to Know to Make an Informed Purchase

If you think that all vinyl flooring is the same, think again.  There several different types of vinyl flooring.  Knowing the differences between them can help you make an informed purchase – so that your home or office looks perfect!

The quality of vinyl flooring depends on how it was made.  Most vinyl flooring is composite vinyl, which is the best.  Composite vinyl is made up of several layers.  It has a layer of vinyl, a layer of PVC, a filler layer, a decorative layer, and a layer of clear vinyl on top to protect everything.

But there are several different types of composite vinyl flooring.  Here’s what you can choose from:

1.  Sheet vinyl

The most common type of vinyl flooring, sheet vinyl comes in 6’-12’ rolls.  In fact, sheet vinyl makes up 85-90% of all vinyl flooring sales.

Because of its size, sheet vinyl is the best choice for covering large areas.  It is simply glued on to the floor.  Sheet vinyl also has the fewest seams, which means it is the most moisture-resistant type of vinyl flooring.

2.  Vinyl tile

The smallest type of vinyl flooring, vinyl tiles usually come in 9”, 12”, or 18” squares.  Vinyl tiles are easier to repair than sheet vinyl.  If anything gets damaged, you can simply replace one tile, instead of having to repair the entire sheet.

Like sheet vinyl, vinyl tiles are also glued to the floor.  However, many brands come pre-glued, so that you just have to remove the backing, and lay them down.

3.  Vinyl planks

Vinyl planks are long rectangles that are most often designed to look like planks of wood.  In fact, that’s what makes them the most common choice for vinyl wood flooring!

Vinyl planks are a few inches wide and usually a foot or two long.  Many of them come pre-glued, while others simply snap together without any type of adhesive.

Once you choose a type of vinyl flooring, there is still one more choice that you will need to make.  When it comes to sheets, tiles, and planks, each one comes in 2 varieties – printed and inlaid.

Printed vinyl is a thin sheet of vinyl that is covered by a paper top coat.  It is the cheapest type of vinyl flooring, but it is also the least durable.

Inlaid vinyl has more vinyl to it.  It is thicker, heavier, more expensive, and more durable than printed vinyl flooring.