Vinyl Wood Flooring – Sophistication Without the Headaches

If you love the look of rich, hardwood floors – but think you can’t afford them – think again.  Thanks to vinyl wood flooring, you can have floors that look just like real wood that don’t come with all of the problems and expenses that real wood does!

To have genuine hardwood floors installed in your home, it can easily cost thousands of dollars.  However, with vinyl wood flooring, you can get it for a fraction of the price.  Most vinyl wood flooring costs no more than a few dollars per square foot.

And, when you opt for genuine hardwood floors, you have to pay someone to install it.  That just tacks on added expense.

However, vinyl wood flooring is easy to install.  In fact, you can do it yourself over a weekend!  That way, you can save yourself some money in installation fees.

But, cost aside, hardwood brings some other headaches to the table.

Genuine hardwood floors can’t be installed everywhere.  Because they are so sensitive to moisture, you can’t have them anywhere that moisture may seep in – like in your kitchen or bathrooms.  The slightest spill or the tiniest bit of steam can leave genuine hardwood floors warped, stained, and full of mildew.

And, if you need to get genuine hardwood clean, you have to use special cleaners and polishers.  All of that represents an added expense!

But with vinyl wood flooring, you don’t have to worry about any of that.  Vinyl is specially-crafted to keep moisture out.  If you do spill something on it, all you have to do is wipe it up.  Vinyl wood flooring will not stain or warp.

And, when it comes time to clean it, vinyl wood flooring makes it easy.  You can use a traditional mop and bucket no it – meaning that you don’t have to go out and buy expensive wood cleaners that may not even remove all of the bacteria!

Plus, vinyl wood flooring is much more durable than genuine hardwood floors.

Real wood is easily scratched, scuffed, stained, and dented.  Vinyl wood flooring, however, is specially designed to hold its own against heavy foot traffic, kids, and pets.

But, what does vinyl wood flooring look like?

Once it’s installed, no one will know that you’ve used vinyl instead of traditional hardwood.  Vinyl wood flooring comes with the same color choices as real wood.  You can get everything from a sandy oak color to a dark cherry color.  And, vinyl wood flooring even has a faux wood grain, so it looks even more legitimate! is dedicated to the subject of vinyl flooring information.